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HOT Cares Provides Relief for Single Mom with Disabled Child

Johannesburg, June 2023 – A selfless single mother just doing the best she can for her disabled son has had her significant burden eased somewhat, thanks to the generosity of non-profit organisation Hot Cares through Johannesburg-based radio station HOT 102.7FM.

Little Jedidiah was born in August 2020 with Hydrocephalus – or “water on the brain” – and it’s been a difficult journey for mother Sduduze Mthethwa Ajanaco and Jed, who’s already undergone two brain surgeries, with his condition resulting in him needing round-the-clock care.

“He’s blind, he can’t move and he’s a deadweight, so I have to carry him,” said Sduduze. “It’s becoming more difficult, as he grows.”

Jed is now nearly three, but already weighs 25 kilograms, making things even tougher for Sduduze, who takes care of him by herself, but has been experiencing back problems due to his increased weight, making such basic functions as bathing a chore for both mother and child – something Sduduze would love to change.

Sduduze’s needs are extensive, but physical help is clearly a necessity, and this was brought to the attention of Hot Cares, which will be covering the cost of a new stroller, accessories and a bath chair for Jed, to the value of R66 500!

“Sduduze and Jed’s story really touched all of us at Hot Cares and we desperately wanted to help where we could,” said Carmen Rocha, Managing Director of Hot Cares. “We hope these two pieces of equipment will alleviate some of Sduduze’s daily struggle, as well as improve the quality of Jed’s life.”

The ‘HOT 1027 Breakfast’ team broke the news to Sduduze live on air at HOT 102.7FM, and she was blown away.

“I’m just so thankful,” she said. “Sometimes you just don’t have the words, but I’m so appreciative. This will be a huge help for me and a huge relief.”

The assistance for Sduduze fits strategically with the Hot Cares vision to “make a meaningful difference to the lives of those around us”.

“This is another example of the power of the HOT102.7 brand , which provides Hot Cares with the platform to raise awareness of the plight of so many people in need, as well as the platform to drive fundraising initiatives, so we can help people like Sduduze,” says Lloyd Madurai, Managing Director of HOT 102.7FM. “This is exactly the role HOT 102.7FM wants to play in the broader community.”

Hot Cares’s existing initiatives include a weekly soup kitchen, regular help for crèches in informal settlements, assistance for entrepreneurs and other non-profit organisations, medical assistance for those in need, educational bursaries and the upliftment of schools and orphanages, and assistance for individuals – like Sduduze – who just need a helping hand.

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