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Laurette Morgan

Meet Laurette Morgan

“Lottie” was clearly at the front of the queue when style was being handed out! From her cool on-air delivery to her jealousy-inducing collection of watches and handbags, this classy news anchor arrives for work ready for anything! Ask her about the best decision she’s ever made and she’ll tell you without blinking that it was having her son Oliver… and when she talks about him, her face runs out of space to hold her giant smile. Her passion for broadcasting is only rivalled by her interest in motoring and she’s always armed with the latest developments on all things cars. Laurette is a firm believer that if you aren’t kind to yourself, you shouldn’t expect others to be. She can’t stand insincerity in people and wishes poachers could be wiped off the face of the earth. If you get on Laurette’s good side, you can look forward to a loyal, kind and courageous ally, who’ll whip you up her signature Linguine Scampi and keep you busy for hours with fascinating stories about her remarkable life. 

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