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Paul Ash

Meet Paul Ash

He’s the first one to turn on the lights in the HOT 102.7FM news room at stupid o’clock’ and his life is as colourful as his story-telling ability. (Paul was once hired to coat hundreds of eggs with Vaseline on a ship to make sure they didn’t go off in the tropics!) For years now, he’s been attempting to ride all of Africa’s trains and we’re hoping he writes a book when he accomplishes his goal. Ever the gentle romantic, the greatest moment of Paul’s life so far was seeing his (now) girlfriend smiling at him across a crowded park. His signature dish is a slow-cooked potato curry with basmati rice and he has a special place in his heart for cats. Paul knows that very few things are truly black or white, but he also knows that if you trip and stumble here in South Africa, everyone around you will say “sorry”… and mean it. Controversially, he’s adamant that pineapple belongs on a pizza and he lives by the motto “check before you flick the switch”.  

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