Nzinga Qunta / Business News Anchor

Say the name ‘Nzinga Qunta’ and immediately you think, ‘hard-hitting business anchor’. But, whilst that may certainly be the case, there’s definitely more than meets the eye for the host of HOT Business – a carb-loving runner, yoga enthusiast and watcher of “slightly cheesy crime dramas”. Sure, she likes to take a close look at the South African economy and grill the country’s business leaders, but that doesn’t stop her from heading home after a long day, putting on some Whitney Houston, Donny Hathaway or Spice Girls, whipping up her “life-changing prawn curry”, and sitting down to write. Yes, that’s right – there are many strings to our Nzinga’s bow, including being a published author of a children’s literacy book, with more books in the pipeline! Otherwise, you’ll find her singing along to You Are My Heaven by Hathaway and Roberta Flack and exploring creative ways to solve the literacy problem in South Africa. Anyone say ‘over-achiever’?


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