Shona Fleming

The ‘spiritual compass’ of HOT 102.7FM and the owner of the biggest heart, always ready to lend an ear and bring perspective to any dilemma, this lover of sunrises and nature brings inspiration and comfort to the station’s audience through a presentation style that is warm and authentic. But don’t let the calm demeanour fool you – this is an adrenaline junkie with a love for speed and all things fast-paced! When she eventually takes her foot off the accelerator, though, Shona likes to relax by walking, reading, spending time with her parrots and fur babies and just talking to people and learning. Speaking about learning, something you may not know is that Shona has two degrees – one in theology(cum laude) and a medical BSc as well as a diploma in education(cum laude). When it comes to music, Shona loves The Carpenters, Abba and club classics. Add a nice plate of Moussaka – now that’s a spiritual awakening of a different kind for our Shona!


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