Shawny B

When you’re the person tasked with compiling and programming all the music at HOT 102.7FM, you better know your ‘Old Skool’ music, and fortunately our Shawny B does. In fact, he knows it backwards, so if you’re ever looking for a chinwag about the hits of ‘yesteryear’ or can’t remember the name of a track you used to shake a leg to in the club, then he’s your man. That’s because he’s been a professional club, corporate and mobile DJ for over 30 years and is still very active on the scene. So, if you’re throwing a milestone ‘Old Skool’ party, look no further than Shawny B! Just don’t ask him to get into an aircraft – he absolutely hates flying, even though he lists flying radio-controlled helicopters as one of his hobbies! Otherwise, you’ll find this ‘Old Skool’ music anorak trawling through his musical archives, putting on some Depeche Mode, and tucking into yet another helping of sushi. That’s Shawny B!

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