Hot1027 and Oticon are giving you the chance to win a share of R100,000 in the Sound Senses Promotion. 

The challenge? 

You need to correctly identify a sound, it’s an everyday sound but we will only give you a two second snippet and a clue to work with. There are four daily challenges and four opportunities to win.  

The Sound Senses Promotion will run in Hot1027 Breakfast, Mid Mornings with Steve Bishop, Afternoons with Ursula and The Big Joburg Drive. It runs from Monday, 16th October and ends on Friday, 27th  October 2023 with 40 chances to win over the two-weeks. 

Tune in daily to hear the sound snippet and clue, if you think you know what it is, then WhatsApp your name and answer to 083 453 1027, using #Oticon as the keyword, and we could be calling you to make you a winner. 

The Sound Senses Promotion is brought to you by Oticon.  

BrainHearing Technology, ONLY from Oticon. 

Terms and Conditions apply.


Have you heard? 

Oticon is one of the industry leaders in premium hearing aids. They have challenged convention with their ground breaking, trademarked BrainHearingTM Technology to change the lives of people with hearing loss. 

Because did you know? 


ONLY Oticon hearing aids use trademarked BrainHearing Technology which supports the brain in making sense of sound. Unlike other hearing aids that may suppress some natural sounds before you even hear them. 

Limiting the sound that your brain needs can turn a hearing problem into a brain problem. 

What does this mean? 

If your brain doesn’t receive the sound information that it needs, or the quality of information is too low, you may find it more difficult to understand what people are saying and what’s happening around you and as a result: 

Conversations are harder to follow,  

Listening takes more effort and, 

Your mental load increases. 

Failure to treat hearing loss means there is less mental capacity left over for other things, making it harder for all the different parts of your brain to make sense of your life and may even accelerate the risk of cognitive decline, making it even harder to remember and learn, let alone hear. 

That’s why hearing health, is brain health. 

Choose Oticon’s brain-friendly hearing aids to not only keep your hearing sharp, but your brain fit and healthy too. 

To ‘hear’ more about the benefits of BrainHearing Technology, and to take the free Oticon online hearing screening, visit 

BrainHearing™ Technology, ONLY from Oticon. 


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