You would have to go a long way to beat the passion HOT 102.7FM’s Founder and Managing Director has for radio. That’s due to the longstanding relationship Lloyd has with the medium – a relationship extending back over 30 years to when he was a little boy growing in Durban and discovering radio for the very first time.

You’ll love his silky-smooth voice on a Sunday afternoon and the relaxed vibes he puts out at the end of the week, with a show that’s all about easy listening and great tunes, whilst he keeps a beady eye on the latest sports events! That’s just the way he likes it, which, incidentally, is the name of his all-time favourite song by The S.O..S Band, and that kinda sums up our Tony – a chilled dude, a lover of sport and all things South African. But, did you know this son of Nyanga in Zimbabwe is a collector of vinyl, old school radios and stereo systems? You can obviously add ‘radio stations’, as well, with Tony finding a home at HOT 102.7FM and slotting in seamlessly. If he’s not in the studio, you’ll find this tall foody in the kitchen, taking every opportunity to whip up something delicious, including the sweet and distinctive taste of his favourite Bream fish! 

Say the name ‘Nzinga Qunta’ and immediately you think, ‘hard-hitting business anchor’. But, whilst that may certainly be the case, there’s definitely more than meets the eye for the host of HOT Business – a carb-loving runner, yoga enthusiast and watcher of “slightly cheesy crime dramas”. Sure, she likes to take a close look at the South African economy and grill the country’s business leaders, but that doesn’t stop her from heading home after a long day, putting on some Whitney Houston, Donny Hathaway or Spice Girls, whipping up her “life-changing prawn curry”, and sitting down to write. Yes, that’s right – there are many strings to our Nzinga’s bow, including being a published author of a children’s literacy book, with more books in the pipeline! Otherwise, you’ll find her singing along to You Are My Heaven by Hathaway and Roberta Flack and exploring creative ways to solve the literacy problem in South Africa. Anyone say ‘over-achiever’?

This well-travelled Virgo and snappy dresser is a little relieved that social media wasn’t around in his early days, saving him from “a life full of explanations” and leaving him to his music, with Simple Minds, erm, top of mind, along with Sowing the Seeds of Love from Tears for Fears. That’s the kinda stuff that gets him going, but you can also find a way to Steve’s heart with some prawn dim sum and anything containing meat and potatoes! Otherwise, you’ll find him curled up with his three Border Collies - Ringo, Sgt. Pepper and Star – or taking in the footie, as he torments himself as a long-suffering Spurs fan! Steve brings all facets of a colourful personality to a countdown show that is a racy, energetic, no-time-to-breathe three hours, where he likes to remind listeners to “remember the time”, just as Michael Jackson did. That’s because it’s a trip down memory lane like no other, with Steve adding an uncanny knack of timing and tons of energy to a show full of the magic of ‘Old Skool’ music radio.

HOT Classic with Carolyn Steyn is the most beautiful evening score after a tough day at the office, as this actress, radio host, founder of 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day, JPO board member and human rights activist brings her sophisticated, warm and welcoming elegance to your evening. It’s about unwinding and listening to jazz standards, show tunes, movie themes and classical favourites, but if that’s what’s on offer for you, how does our esteemed host blow off some steam? Would you believe, playing ping pong, putting on some k.d Lang, or once again listening to ‘Comme d’habitude (My Way)’ by Mireille Mathieu – her all-time favourite song? Otherwise, you’ll find Carolyn snuggling up with a good book, making blankets for her favourite cause, or doing her best to recreate her late Mom Yvonne Mazotti’s famous ‘Spaghetti Pomodoro’! That and indulging her passion for musical theatre, of which she has more than a passing interest!

Little Ms ‘Zee’ brings some chill, sass and a millennial feel to HOT 102.7FM, but don’t under-estimate this former gymnast and lover of braai meat and “unbridled chats and debates about global conspiracies.” She’s a force to be reckoned with, runs her own property business, calls herself a ‘super gamer’, and loves go kart racing and learning how to roller skate. But then there’s the chill – gardening, meditation, Latin dancing “with her boo”, a bit of Sade or Eryka Badu on the wireless, and falling asleep every night watching cute animal videos! Just don’t ask her to do heights or leave a cupboard open in her company – she needs these to be closed to feel comfortable! 

They say that everything tastes better with brown sugar and you can see why, because HOT 102.7FM’s ‘Brown Sugar’ will leave you feeling a heck of a lot sweeter with life if you spend just a couple of hours in the afternoon with her, shooting the breeze, laughing along, or playing Alphabet Soup or Whose Voice is it Anyway? But, there’s more to this pizza and pasta-loving gal than meets the eye, like interests in ice-skating, skydiving, rafting, movies, interior design and fashion, and a love of all things Barry White, including his famous ‘Love’s Theme’. That, and a bit of Earth, Wind & Fire, or some O’Jays, and you’ll see a smile a mile long – just like when she’s tucking into a steaming biriyani and wiping the sweat off her brow! Little-known fact: our Ursula was a prefect at school. My, she’s come a long way…..

Who’s never tried tomato sauce?? Well, apparently our cat-loving Head of News and experienced news journalist – otherwise known as ‘Dotey’ - who also hates raisins, but loves chocolate. Just don’t ask her about cigarettes, to go camping, or to re-visit Venice or Luderitz – “learnt my lesson the first time!” Otherwise, she’s a fan of the movie ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, the journalist and author Douglas Murray, and the book ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’. Our Tara also has quite a philosophical outlook on life and believes that “happiness is a choice, not a destination” and that “worrying only means you suffer twice”. No surprise, then, that she values her integrity, resilience and optimism, and hates it when people promise to do something, then don’t. If she’s not at home looking after her little guy, you’ll find her beavering away in the newsroom and cooking up the next great idea for the HOT 102.7FM news team.

He’s all energy is our ‘Dukie’ and if you ever have the pleasure of watching him in action, you’ll know what we mean. Not for him this sitting in a chair business - instead Dukie likes to be on his feet and busting out some moves, which is why The Weekend Party is the music show to get you moving. That’s because Dukie knows his music and knows his audience, as a dedicated ‘student’ of music production and someone who spends his days producing songs, making beats, and studying production techniques – something he’s always done, since arriving in South Africa back in 1992. All-time favourite ‘Old Skool’ artist and song? Prince and his "Let's Work" track. Away from the studio, you’ll find this proud father taking on his daughters at video games, collecting quotes and ‘Dad jokes’, or whipping up some hot chicken wings. Now those are worth trying!

His show is a reflection of himself – simple, chatty and with some nonsense thrown in, particularly Rob’s ‘Vaguely News’, which is his way to say something, without actually saying something that needs to be said! Rob concedes that his show is not about trying to save the world, but rather put a smile on the face of at least one listener, and he’s able to do that and more, thanks to his ‘unique’ take on the world and a multitude of voices – listen out for his Arnold Schwarzenegger! A big fan of all Vince Clarke’s bands – so, that’s Erasure, Depeche Mode and Yazoo – you’ll also find Rob belting it out to Foreigner’s ‘I Don’t Want to Live Without You’, whilst his wife’s oxtail – the dish, that is - is the other thing he can’t live without. Basically, there are many layers to our Rob, who likes travel (calls himself a geography nerd), movies, good food, a bit of woodwork and general DIY, working on his fitness and improving his French vocab. In fact, he’s a fan of all things French, but just don’t pitch up late or offer him a banana – he hates those things!

The ‘spiritual compass’ of HOT 102.7FM and the owner of the biggest heart, always ready to lend an ear and bring perspective to any dilemma, this lover of sunrises and nature brings inspiration and comfort to the station’s audience through a presentation style that is warm and authentic. But don’t let the calm demeanour fool you – this is an adrenaline junkie with a love for speed and all things fast-paced! When she eventually takes her foot off the accelerator, though, Shona likes to relax by walking, gardening, reading, and just talking to people and learning – something we could all…er….learn from. That, and a bit of The Carpenters for some easy listening or Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ and a nice plate of Moussaka – now that’s a spiritual awakening of a different kind for our Shona!

He just loves spinning some ‘Old Skool’ tunes and engaging in some light banter about current and past events does our Patrick, but where he really wants to be is home next to the braai, with a glass of Jack Daniels – “met ys, boet, met ys” - in his hand and some Man United football on the TV in the background. That or some Beatles – “the best band ever, by a country mile!” At least the Fab Four don’t give young Pat nightmares, which is more than you can say about United. Random fact: Pat also gets nightmares when he sleeps on his back. What’s that about? That’s why it’s best to keep him awake in front of the telly, either watching footy or playing PlayStation 5, because he is nuts about both. Anything else you want to know? Pat says he’s taking DMs….

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