Unfold with the Brand-New Samsung Galaxy Z Series!

Let’s Flip and Unfold with the Brand-New Samsung Galaxy Z Series!

We’re giving you a chance to change the way you see your current smartphone. We want you to unfold your world with the new Samsung Galaxy Z Series. Flip to the end to win the Galaxy Z Flip3 OR Unfold and win a share of R50 000 cash.

To enter, check out HOT 1027’S Twitter page every day. Look out for the Samsung Post and follow the simple instructions for a chance to stand in line.

Flip, Unfold and Win, with the Brand-New Galaxy Z Series.

Ts & Cs apply.

Watch, Work, Socialize, Capture, Express and Play with the new Galaxy Z Series. This range will make you forget what you think you know about smartphones and experience something you’ve never experienced before.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 breaks old conventions and defines the next era of mobile, with it you can unfold a theatre, a workspace, and a game room from your pocket.  It’s the ultimate productivity tool with space for up to 3 Apps at once. It’s the first ever folding phone that’s S Pen compatible.

The Galaxy Flip 3 is a whole new style of phone. Everything about it is built for self-expression and first impressions. It can fold to fit into any pocket, tuck into any purse and slip into a very fitted suit.

It’s not a smartphone, it’s a statement.

Visit www.samsung.com/za/ for more details and be sure to check out the Galaxy Flip3 which can fold to fit into any pocket or tuck into any purse. Available Now!