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Carolyn Steyn

Meet Carolyn Steyn

HOT Classic with Carolyn Steyn is the most beautiful evening score after a tough day at the office, as this actress, radio host, founder of 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day, JPO board member and human rights activist brings her sophisticated, warm and welcoming elegance to your evening. It’s about unwinding and listening to jazz standards, show tunes, movie themes and classical favourites, but if that’s what’s on offer for you, how does our esteemed host blow off some steam? Would you believe, playing ping pong, putting on some k.d Lang, or once again listening to ‘Comme d’habitude (My Way)’ by Mireille Mathieu – her all-time favourite song? Otherwise, you’ll find Carolyn snuggling up with a good book, making blankets for her favourite cause, or doing her best to recreate her late Mom Yvonne Mazotti’s famous ‘Spaghetti Pomodoro’!That and indulging her passion for musical theatre, of which she has more than a passing interest 

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