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Darren Scott

Meet Darren Scott

He calls himself ‘Just Plain Darren’, but there are quite a few more layers to this well-travelled proudly-South African boytjie with the encyclopedic knowledge of sport and all things ‘Old Skool’ music. If he’s not in the radio studio, you’ll find him on the golf course or chilling round a braai with some mates, with a cold beverage in hand and a bit of ELO on in the background, with some pap and wors or oxtail on the menu. Fast-forward a few hours and you’ll probably find him singing along to Hotel California by The Eagles, but just don’t say he was ever a member of the Soft Shoes. “Never,” he screams! Despite what you think, he’s actually quite private is our Darren, but family, sport and music are right up there on his priority list. That’s why The Just Plain Drive Show on HOT 102.7FM is all about “less blah blah, more music, fun, music, fun, and a 4+1 Challenge that you will absolutely love! 

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