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Dylan Rogers

Meet Dylan Rogers

A dryer sense of humour you’ll struggle to find, but that’s what Dylan brings to The Just Plain Drive, dovetailing nicely with Darren and Tara, along with, obviously, delivering the day’s sports news – a long-held passion for this experienced sports journalist, who feels like he’s found his groove in radio, having dabbled in all mediums over the years and played most ball sports, with varying degrees of success. He’s a die-hard REM fan, but equally happy listening to most things from the Elton John, Queen, Bruce Springsteen, and Johnny Clegg, which is what Isabella and Sophie – the apples of his eye – get to listen to on the way to school every day! He’s a proud Dad and husband, likes a cold beer and a chat, and makes a mean Spag Bol, and when he’s not needed at home, you’ll find him on the golf course or pounding the roads of Joburg! 

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