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Jeremy Maggs

Meet Jeremy Maggs

He spends his days “making money simple and accessible without the word-soup” on HOT Business with Moneyweb, but when that day is done, this well-known voice and face of South African TV and radio likes nothing more than kicking back with a bit of Jackson Browne on the wirelessand a large vindaloo on the stove, “accompanied by a flagon of water and a moist towel.” Otherwise, you’ll find him in a pair of shorts – regardless of the season – working on his third book, polishing his 1966 British racing green Mini, or managing his hardcover Tintin book collection, which you are not allowed to touch! Now, that sounds like a lot more fun than his day job, which requires “an indepth knowledge of assets, liabilities, debt owed, equity, residual value in assets after debt, revenue, total income before expenses, costs of earning revenue, net income, profit after deductions, ROI, the efficiency of investments, liquidity, the ease of converting assets to cash, debt-to-equity ratio and market capitalisation. 

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