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Mathapelo Moloi

Meet Mathapelo Moloi

Naturally curious and always early for her shift, Mathapelo has a peaceful way about her. But, she admits it drives her crazy when people don’t close things properly (doors, jars, anything really). If she had the chance, Mathapelo would banish guns and Marmite from the earth and in her spare time she makes a concerted effort to avoid mosquitoes. It’s obvious to all of us here at HOT House, what Mathapelo lacks in dancing skills, she makes up for in bravery and kindness. She’s more of a dog person and believes everything happens for a reason and the moment her son was born goes down in history as the best day of Mathapelo’s life she plans to show him the world, one adventure at a time. She loves her family, news, chicken wings and any movie starring Tom Hanks… in that order. 

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