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Patrick Hayworth

Meet Patrick Hayworth

He just loves spinning some ‘Old Skool’ tunes and engaging in some light banter about current and past events does our Patrick, but where he really wants to be is home next to the braai, with a glass of Jack Daniels – “met ys, boet, met ys” – in his hand and some Man United football on the TV in the background. That or some Beatles – “the best band ever, by a country mile!” At least the Fab Four don’t give young Pat nightmares, which is more than you can say about United. Random fact: Pat also gets nightmares when he sleeps on his back. What’s that about? That’s why it’s best to keep him awake in front of the telly, either watching footy or playing PlayStation 5, because he is nuts about both. Anything else you want to know? Pat says he’s taking DMs…. 

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