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Rob Vega

Meet Rob Vega

His show is a reflection of himself – simple, chatty and with some nonsense thrown in, particularly Rob’s ‘Vaguely News’, which is his way to say something, without actually saying something that needs to be said! Rob concedes that his show is not about trying to save the world, but rather put a smile on the face of at least one listener, and he’s able to do that and more, thanks to his ‘unique’ take on the world and a multitude of voices – listen out for his Arnold Schwarzenegger! A big fan of all Vince Clarke’s bands – so, that’s Erasure, Depeche Mode and Yazoo – you’ll also find Rob belting it out to Foreigner’s ‘I Don’t Want to Live Without You’, whilst his wife’s oxtail – the dish, that is – is the other thing he can’t live without. Basically, there are many layers to our Rob, who likes travel (calls himself a geography nerd), movies, good food, a bit of woodwork and general DIY, working on his fitness and improving his French vocab. In fact, he’s a fan of all things French, but just don’t pitch up late or offer him a banana – he hates those things! 

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