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HOT 102.7FM Delivers Another Big-Name Musical Act to Joburg Audiences

“We know that our audience loves its ‘Old Skool’ music and with big acts of this calibre, it was a no-brainer for us to get involved, with the knowledge that we could deliver significant value to Breakout Events, engaging our audience and driving ticket sales effectively,” said Lloyd Madurai, Managing Director of HOT 102.7FM. “We get a lot of satisfaction from playing the music our audience loves to hear on a daily basis, but a live concert just takes that to another level, and who doesn’t want to see one of their favourite ‘Old Skool’ bands live in concert?” 

 OMD are one of the biggest synth-pop bands of the 1980s and 90s, thanks to hits such as ‘If You Leave’, ‘So in Love’, ‘Electricity’, ‘Enola Gay’, and ‘Sailing on the Seven Seas’. They are famous for being one of the pioneers of electronic music and have a huge catalogue of catchy hits that concert-goers can look forward to. 

Johannesburg, February 2024 – Johannesburg-based radio station HOT 102.7FM has kicked off the year in style, taking on a strategic role in delivering two big-name musical acts to Johannesburg audiences. 

 Fresh off the back of Scottish rock band Deacon Blue visiting South Africa for the very first time in February, HOT 102.7FM has announced that another great act from the 1980s and 90s is on its way, in partnership with Breakout Events. 

 Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – or OMD – will be live at Marks Park in Emmarentia on the afternoon of Saturday the 20th of April, as part of their ‘Greatest Hits Tour’, with HOT 102.7FM once again the event’s media partner. 

As the Breakout Events media partner for both concerts, HOT 102.7FM was tasked with using its influential platforms to drive awareness with its engaged upper SEM audience and, ultimately, ticket sales. 

 This the station has achieved by running an integrated campaign across on-air and digital, including promos and live reads on high rotation, carefully-worded DJ conversation pieces, ticket giveaway competitions, and interviews with both Deacon Blue and OMD. 

 These interviews and content pieces were further amplified on social media, giving even more ‘legs’ to the two concerts and, ultimately, resulting in greater awareness and ticket sales. 

“When we partner with events, we go all in and we do it properly,” said Madurai. “That means using every possible means available to us to ensure our event partner derives significant value, over and above what any signed agreement might say. At HOT 102.7FM, we pride ourselves on that and will continue taking that approach to any event we partner with.” 

 The Deacon Blue and OMD news follows confirmation that HOT 102.7FM is the fastest-growing radio station in South Africa, having nearly doubled its audience in the past 12 months, according to independent research house WhyFive, which presented the findings of its annual BrandMapp survey in Johannesburg recently, showing that HOT 102.7FM’s current audience is approximately 613 000 listeners. 



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