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The Radio Academy

“It’s not just out of a sense of duty to play a role in improving our industry that we host the HOT Radio Academy. We believe it’s incredibly important to hold out a helping hand to the next generation of radio talent in this country. That’s the basis on which the HOT Radio Academy was founded and it will continue to offer invaluable training and a foot-hold to hundreds of people who otherwise would not have had any opportunity to enter the competitive world of radio.” 

Those are the words of HOT 102.7FM Managing Director and Academy Founder Lloyd Madurai, and they capture the essence of what the HOT Radio Academy is, stands for, and what it hopes to achieve. 


Hot 102.7 FM - Radio Academy

The course is open to the public, free of charge, and is the perfect foundation for anyone who has a passion for radio and a desire to learn the basics of this exciting medium, with the goal to prepare graduates for a possible career in radio.

The eight-week course is run by experienced radio practitioners Tim Zunckel and Grant Nash, and comprises a series of informative and instructive sessions, which are hosted at HOT House in Northriding on Saturday mornings, and cover the following subjects: 

Fundamentals & Professionalism 

The history and evolution of radio and its position in a listener’s daily life. 

Finding Your Voice 

Radio has personality and that’s what make it a unique and extraordinarily powerful medium. Finding your voice in a landscape of personalities is step one. 

Technical – Radio 101: How Do FM and AM Work? 

Technical overview of how the magic of radio is fashioned from frequencies and waves. 

The Business of Radio 

Discusses the merits of the business of radio in the digital age. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this medium, with regards revenue creation? 

Balance: Sales v Programming 

Content is king, but without revenue, no station can exist. Finding the balance between the two is the key to any successful radio operation. 

Voiceover Artist Techniques & Copywriting 

Exploring the ‘theatre of the mind’ and techniques to use. Making scripted content come to life, as well as understanding the fundamentals of copywriting for radio. 

Digital Media 

In a changing world with a multitude of platforms, how does one maximize digital media, including effective use of social media, to create an all-encompassing media experience, as it relates to radio. 

Content, Audio Production & Radio Imaging 

Station identity is another pivotal piece in the puzzle that makes radio so powerful. How to create and use imaging, sounds and content together to capture the imagination of the audience. 

Radio News 

An important cog in any radio station’s content offering, but what makes for interesting, relevant and engaging radio news, and what are the tricks to crafting it? 

Music Management 

The science of music compiling is the art of the music manager, so what goes into creating playlists and ‘building a sound’ that meets the objectives of a radio station and delivers what its audience is looking for?  

Radio Etiquette 

The Do’s and Don’ts of radio etiquette and defining professional behaviour. 

PR, Media & Marketing 

Understanding the power and purpose of public relations and media strategy, as it relates to the objectives of a radio station. 

All graduates receive a certificate from the HOT Radio Academy. 

Prospective candidates should complete the form below, or email 

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