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WeBuyCars goes HOT

1000 Car Radios Tuned to HOT 102.7FM As WeBuyCars Maximises Outside Broadcast

We buy Cars goes Hot - Hot 102.7 FM

That campaign is running through to the end of March and has been providing consumers with the opportunity to benefit from discounts of up to R10 000, if they go into a WeBuyCars branch, purchase a vehicle, and ‘spin the wheel’ to see how much of a discount they could earn. 

HOT 102.7FM, in turn, saw an opportunity to grow its presence and brand awareness in the broader Pretoria region and capitalise on increased listener interest in this area by challenging WeBuyCars to tune all 1000 cars on the sales floor in its Midstream branch to the 102.7FM frequency. 

Johannesburg, .. March 2024 – Nearly a thousand cars are sitting on the sales floor at WeBuyCars Midstream, all tuned in to HOT 102.7FM and all primed to take ‘Joburg’s Best Old Skool and R&B’ to the broader Pretoria market, following a hugely successful Human Rights Day outside broadcast. 

WeBuyCars is a principal trader of used vehicles through its integrated e-commerce and physical infrastructure, offering finance, insurance and other ancillary products, and it tasked the Johannesburg-based HOT 102.7FM with amplifying a campaign it has been running nationally. 

We buy Cars goes Hot - Hot 102.7 FM

“No problem,” said Stéfan Stronach, Branch Manager at WeBuyCars Midstream, and by the time HOT 102.7FM presenter Steve Bishop went live with his mid-morning show at 09h00 on Human Rights Day, all 1000 cars had their radios tuned in to HOT 102.7FM. 

“When we do an outside broadcast and provide this solution to a client, our goal is always to deliver on their objectives and to exceed expectations, but it also provides us with the opportunity to really stretch our creativity and produce something a little different and truly memorable,” said Lloyd Madurai, Managing Director of HOT 102.7FM. “This was certainly the case with the WeBuyCars outside broadcast and it was also the chance to have some fun with a willing brand that knows the value of pushing the marketing boundaries.” 

WeBuyCars was a more than willing brand and the end result was a happy client. 

“Thanks to the exceptional marketing efforts by HOT 102.7FM across social platforms and through engaging live reads on air, the outside broadcast was a resounding success,” said Alexia Kristopher-Koen, WeBuyCars Marketing Manager: OOH. “We saw an increase in foot traffic to the branch, our sales target was met on the day, and the tuning of the car radios provided a fun twist. We are absolutely in love with the station!” 

For HOT 102.7FM, the WeBuyCars outside broadcast ticked a number of boxes. 

“Our research has shown us that we have a growing listenership in the broader Pretoria area, so what better way to put our compelling product into radio listeners’ hands than by programming a thousand ‘audio billboards’ into our frequency?” said Madurai. “This just enhances our existing marketing efforts and ensures we continue to expose the HOT 102.7FM brand and offering to more and more people.” 

HOT 102.7FM is the fastest-growing radio station in South Africa, having nearly doubled its audience in the past 12 months, according to independent research house WhyFive, which recently presented the findings of its annual BrandMapp survey, showing that HOT 102.7FM’s current audience is in the region of 613 000 – significantly up on the 316 000 it reported in the previous year’s BrandMapp report. 



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