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Steve Bishop

Meet Steve Bishop

This well-travelled Virgo and snappy dresser is a little relieved that social media wasn’t around in his early days, saving him from “a life full of explanations” and leaving him to his music, with Simple Minds, er, top of mind, along with Sowing the Seeds of Love from Tears for Fears. That’s the kinda stuff that gets him going, but you can also find a way to Steve’s heart with some prawn dim sum and anything containing meat and potatoes! Otherwise, you’ll find him curled up with his three Border Collies – Ringo, Sgt. Pepper and Star – or taking in the footie, as he torments himself as a long-suffering Spurs fan! Steve brings all facets of a colourful personality to a Classic Countdown show that is a racy, energetic, no-time-to-breathe three hours, where he likes to remind listeners to “remember the time”, just as Michael Jackson did. That’s because it’s a trip down memory lane like no other, with Steve adding an uncanny knack of timing and tons of energy to a show full of the magic of ‘Old Skool’ music radio. 

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