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If Simon had his way, his early mornings would be spent on the golf course and not the radio, but hey, everyone’s got to make a living somehow! And this vertically-challenged cheeky chap with the big hair likes to make his, taking the mickey out of Parky on the HOT 102 Breakfast, in between some cynical chirping, a rather left-field take on life, and coming up with new ways to annoy his wife! Who lists that as a hobbie?? That and swinging a golf club, of course, along with eating his body weight in sushi or tucking into a lekker steak and chips! He’s proud of his Stellenbosch roots and his English has come a long way, so don’t be surprised to find him singing along to Mr. Mister’s ‘Kyrie’ or any Mike and the Mechanics track – his favourite ‘Old Skool’ band. It all adds up to quite the early morning package. Just a small one, that is…… 

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